Our Team

We are currently a small team of four passionate people bound by a common thread of countering bad selling with good selling. We want to build the largest "Paisa Vasool" (Value for Money) Club in the world.

Anita and Sanjay have been on the founding team of PayPal and have experience in starting small, dreaming big and making the dream real. Sahil and Ujjwal have built the technology that powers the club.

  • Sahil Bhargava


    With close to a decade of experience in the private & public equity markets in the US and helping start an NBFC in India, Sahil understands finance from first principles like few else do. He spent 4 years at Apollo Global Management, a firm that manages close to half a trillion dollars and was rated the top associate in his class.

  • Ujjwal Thaakar

    Head of Technology

    Ujjwal reported to the CEO of Disney Interactive right out of college at the age of 22 and built a team of computer science postgrads from premier institutes like IIT Bombay and Georgia Tech. He is a passionate technologist who has contributed to open source projects like Ruby on Rails and presented at international open source conferences.

  • Anita Bhargava

    Head of Compliance

    Anita was an early employee at Paypal and led its Data Warehousing group. Anita mobilised over 50,000 residents for 125 cleanups across Delhi under the banner of 'Let's Do It! Delhi' for the CWG 2010. She was also a pro-bono advisor to the Municipal Commissioner of Delhi.

  • Sanjay Bhargava


    Sanjay was on the founding team of PayPal and is acknowledged by both Elon Musk and Reid Hoffman as crucial to the success of PayPal. He was recently asked by Elon Musk to head Starlink India. Sanjay believes in chasing and accomplishing Big Hairy Audacious Goals ('BHAG ke peeche bhaag')