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Bharosa Advisor is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (License - INA100004657). We offer un-biased and quality advisory that helps you make more

Bharosa Simple Approach

Mutual Fund Sahi Hai

Do you know that that Equity Mutual funds have given around 15% annualised return over the last 10 years.

If you had invested 60% of your money in an equity mutual fund and 40% in a debt fund on any day between 1st January 2000 to 1st January 2008 & redeemed your holding after 10 years, you would have got

Maximum return of 32.43% CAGR - Investment date 12th April 2001

Minimum return of 8.98% CAGR - Investment date 14th December 2007

If you have a long term horizon (10 years+), we recommend a minimum allocation of 60% to equity mutual funds

Bharosa Alpha Advisory Advantage

Make 5.8% More *

The Bharosa Alpha Advisory Advantage number is calculated by looking at the difference between the performance of the Bharosa advised portfolio over the actual investors portfolios that were created before they started investing through Bharosa.

We arrived at a number after carefully analysing the performance of 1000 + Portfolios amounting to a total of 477.9 Crs of AUA from a period of 29th May 2016 to 29th May 2017.

Bharosa Bionic Advisory

Human Intelligence | Quantitative Algorithm | Affordable 

Why should you buy the Bharosa advisory package?

Mutual funds have created tremendous wealth for people who have used them in the right manner. Bharosa will hand hold you whether you are a new mutual fund investor or already have a portfolio and looking for great advice.

If your advisor is not giving you direct plans, you are losing a-lot to commissions and possibly getting biased advise.

(Most banks and online platforms are brokers and not advisors)

What you get ? 

- Researched Mutual fund guide 

- Personalized portfolio insights & action – plan 

- Assisted portfolio clean up by migration to direct and high performing funds

- Portfolio monitoring

- One glance view of all the holdings across family

- Rebalancing alerts.