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    Human Intelligence | Quantitative Algorithms | Automated Tools

    Fixed Fee# + Rs. 250/Lakh* + Tax

    # Rs. 780/- for portfolio value <= 5 lakhs

    # Rs. 1800/- for portfolio value > 5 lakhs

    * Max upto Rs. 50,000/-

    $ Value Package Rs. 780/- + 1000/-

Bharosa ALPHA ADVISORY Advantage

* The Bharosa Alpha Advisory Advantage number is calculated by looking at the difference between the performance of the Bharosa advised portfolio over the actual investors portfolios that were created before they started investing through Bharosa.

We arrived at a number after carefully analysing the performance of 1000 + Portfolios amounting to a total of 477.9 Crs of AUA from a period of 29th May 2016 to 29th May 2017.

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  • We work for YOU
  • Bharosa is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and does not accept commissions from an AMC on your investments. We only advise on “DIRECT” Plans. To find out more about direct plans and their advantages, try out this calculator.

    We work for you and your money. Our recommendations are designed to help you meet your goals, not a distributor’s sales targets.
  • Our Research
  • Backed by cutting edge algorithms, innovative financial planning tools, research and advisory experience of many years having managed investment portfolios of over 3,000 crores.

    The new age of investing is here.

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  • Bharosa Advisor
    Rajat :

    Plans to retire at 45, builds products used by millions, wants to send his 2 daughters to Harvard, loves cars & rally races, plays the guitar & enjoys fine wine.
    We only invest in the direct plans of Mutual Funds. We charge you an upfront fee and do not accept commissions from AMCs. Hence, our recommendations and advisory cater to your interest, not the AMC’s.
    We identify the best funds for you, using AI & proprietary algorithms.
    Cutting-edge Research
  • Your Advisor
    Mr Gupta :

    Age 35, Annual Income: Rs 30,00,000, works in IT, high risk taking ability, 3 dependents, 1 car loan, AMEX card holder.
    The services are claimed to be “free” & you are made to invest in Regular Plans, which have very high expenses and hence your NAV is lower. Your advisor is paid up to
    Cutting-edge Sales
    They identify the best funds for their sales quotas, using flattery & high expenses.

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