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Bharosa 24x7 on WhatsApp
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Understand exactly how your portfolio stands today, how your funds are doing and whether your advisors are adding value.
We find the problems so you can rest easy.
Our technology constantly analyses your portfolio to uncover deep, hidden problems and insights and informs you at a pace you can deal with.
Make informed decisions easily.
Bharosa does not give advice. Instead our technology empowers you to easily make calls on your own or with your advisor using our decision models.
See the improvement right in front of your eyes.
The Bharosa score tells you how healthy your portfolio is. Watch your score improve as you make better decisions over time.

The Bharosa Effect

Bharosa Club members have improved returns, lowered fees and attained peace of mind

“Bharosa helped me simplify and improve my portfolio, lower my fees and have more informed conversations with my advisor.”

Sharmila Tagore
Sharmila Tagore
Legendary actress

“For a novice investor like me, Bharosa is no less than a revolution in portfolio management.”

Rahul Pandita
Monal Thaakar
Screenwriter, Article 370

“I feel more confident than ever that my portfolio is on track.”

Rahul Pandita
Rahul Pandita
Author, Our Moon Has Blood Clots

“This team truly understands what matters in investing.”

Shailendra Bhandari
Shailendra Bhandari
Former CEO, ICICI Pru Mutual Funds

“I used Bharosa to realise that a simple mutual fund portfolio was better than my PMS.”

Cushrow Jassawala
Cushrow Jassawala
Executive Director, Thomson Press

“The team at Bharosa is hitting all the right notes, when it comes to re-imagining investments.”

Rahul Varghese
Tushar Lall
Composer, Indian Jam Project

“Bharosa insights have helped me make better decisions and feel very comfortable with my portfolio.”

Rahul Varghese
Rahul Varghese
Founder, Running & Living