Sahil Bhargava

Chairman & CEO

Sahil was a co-founder of APAC Financial Services ("APAC"), an Indian NBFC and HFC focused on MSME lending. Sahil was employee #3 at APAC and played critical roles in strategy formation, fundraising and launching of the business lines. Post-launch Sahil served as Head of Innovation & Chief of Staff. Sahil also served as the youngest member of the Management Committee at APAC.

Prior to APAC, Sahil spent 5 years as an investment professional in Apollo Global Management's U.S. Private Equity team and worked on investments in the Education, Retail and Industrials sectors.

An alumnus of University of Chicago, Sahil is a big believer that tough problems can be solved through focus, creativity and hard work.


Anita Bhargava

Co-Founder & Director

Anita Bhargava lead Paypal's Data Warehousing group until 2004, when she returned to India and decided to clean up Delhi. She then mobilised over 50,000 residents for 125 cleanups across Delhi under the banner of 'Let's Do It! Delhi.

She has been active in working with politicians and bureaucracy to help them with talent and ideas and was one of the founders of the IIC Fellowship.

An alumnus of Jesus & Mary College and Columbia University, Anita is a big believer in the power of the people and technology working together to achieve "Big Hairy Audacious Goals".


Sanjay Bhargava


Sanjay handled the Cash Management business in India, Thailand and New York over the span of 17 years at the Citibank Group.

He then joined the founding team at PayPal Inc and is credited by Elon Musk as having figured out the world’s first low cost method of authenticating terrestrial bank accounts, which was critical to making the PayPal Business model work.

Post Paypal, he went on to start the Universal Financial Access (UFA) movement in India and IIC Fellowship with the University of Chicago.

Sanjay is an alumnus of IIT B, IIM A and Stanford University,and firmly believes that a company can “Make Billions and Help Millions”.


Prakash Pai


Prakash was the President & Global Head, Products at Nucleus Software for over 16 years and was responsible for building FinnOne, India’s leading retail lending financial product.

He then went on to head the Technology Division at Nokia Money in India, which was one of India’s first mobile wallets, helping them scale to over 1 million customers. After the sale of Nokia Money, Prakash went on to lead the Technology team at Delhi Integrated Multi-modal Transit System, a PPP aimed at modernising Delhi's commuting system.

An alumnus of IIT Delhi, he is passionate about empowering households and helping them be financially independent