Sponsor a Group

What is a Sponsored Group?

Bharosa believes that every Indian, rich or poor, needs to become a “Desh ki Taraaki Mein Hissedar”. Bharosa provides transparent, commission free robo-advice to people. A person who joins a sponsored group in Bharosa will get free advisory services upto Rs 10,00,000 of investments.

An investor in WealthSimple-TM can triple their money in 10 years as opposed to doubling in 10 years, as is the case with fixed deposits. Once they are set up, the only decisions that they have to make are two :

  • How much money would they like to add, one time or monthly
  • How much would they like to withdraw, one time or monthly.

They can start with as little as Rs 500 and then invest in multiples of Rs 100.

An investor who forms his own group pays Rs 200 per month (minimum charge) which they save by joining a sponsored group. The sponsor pays Rs 1 per member per month, with a minimum of Rs 10,000 per month.

What is the benefit to the Sponsor?

  • Enabling Jan Nivesh

    For India to be prosperous every Indian must be prosperous. The sponsor is sponsoring a product that can make the prosperity for every Indian dream real.

  • Brand building

    Messages of the sponsor reach members they sponsor at a cost of Rs 1 per member. Messages can be used to increase market share, build goodwill, and get better outcomes (like winning elections)

  • PR

    Sponsors can improve their public brand image. The cause of helping India become poverty free resonates with one and all

  • Prosperous Employees

    Employees who have no financial worries will be more productive and motivated. Employers are able to provide a Rs 2,400 annual benefit to employees at an annual cost to company of Rs 12.

Who could be a sponsor?

Any individual or entity that wants to spread financial wellness at a very low cost and also build their brand.

  • Politicians who want to get elected -Sabka Vikas
  • Financial services institutions who want to gain market share
  • For-profit institutions that want to spread financial wellness
  • Not for profit institutions that want to spread financial wellness
  • Government, quasi government institutions that want to spread financial wellness

How will sponsors attract 10000 + members?

The sponsors can send messages to the lives they touch. This can be a very large number as one employee could have at least 10 people whose wellness they care about. Add to this the supply chain, distributors, customers – the 10,000 number begins to look really small.

Explore Sponsorship?

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