Tips to Increase Your Prosperity


Sanjay Bhargava


Anita Bhargava

+What is prosperity?

Prosperity is more than just wealth creation. To be prosperous one has to be content and healthy with adequate wealth. See a short presentation with speaker notes on how Anita and Sanjay increased their own prosperity and their tips for others who want to increase their own prosperity. Anita and Sanjay share links to books, articles, videos and podcasts that they found useful in their prosperity journey. To add a link please send the link to She is the curator and will add the link if she finds it will benefit all and is not covered by other links.

+India for Prosperity
+The Prosperity Demand

India has never been truly free. Most public servants behave like rulers and this will not change unless a large number of residents create a Leaderless digital movement which seeks to blame no one and inspire everyone to deliver on the prosperity demand

+Winning Elections to Boost Prosperity

Winning Elections a "hatke" way

+Open Letters

Anita and Sanjay want to catalyze "India for Prosperity movement" and towards that have written open letters to:

+Open Invitation

Open source software, Bitcoin had a core team which catalysed the open platform. Sanjay and Anita would like to extend an open invitation to a person who can set up the core team and raise the money needed to sustain the platform. They are ready to contribute Rs one lakh toward this corpus and help raise the rest. If "India for Prosperity" is a passion for you and you believe you can make it a mass movement please send your plan to

+The Prosperity Platform

Prosperity can be a very large business opportunity and not just CSR. To learn more browse The Prosperity Platform

+An Enabling Ecosystem

China and USA have different enabling ecosystems that created prosperity. India will need an enabling ecosystem where all stakeholders put aside differences and unite. For thoughts on what an enabling ecosystem may look like browse An Enabling Ecosystem for Prosperity

+Digital Finance License

Sanjay and Anita understand financial services and this deck seeks to inspire bureaucrats, regulators, judiciary and politicians to come together to make financial inclusion a profitable reality. To learn more see Digital Finance License Presentation