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Bharosa Club is on a mission to provide a platform to make everyone prosperous. The first step is to improve financial literacy with the help of Sponsors. Read the open letter addressed to leaders in India. It is not just leaders in India, anyone in the world who touches 10 lives can become a sponsor. Estimate Learn and Prosperity Tips on the Bharosa Club app can be used without registration and will help people become more prosperous anywhere in the world.


To make it easy to become a sponsor Bharosa Club has made sponsorship free and also provided a draft. The draft will be sent to you on Whats app and email so that you can forward as is or modify.


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" Did you know that India took 61 years to become a US$ 1 trillion economy and only seven years to reach US$2 trillion. Many people think US$5 trillion is not that far away. While India became prosperous most Indians stayed in fixed deposits. The estimated growth of Rs 1 lakh invested in fixed deposits is 32 lakhs in 50 years and is 2.43 crores with mutual funds. The difference over Rs 2 crores. You can estimate the wealth you can create and learn the power of compounding and other simple secrets of wealth creation by downloading the Bharosa Wealth Simple App. You can also get Tips on Prosperity. No need to register.



Bharosa Club provides the app for free without registration as a public service to make everyone prosperous. Once you improve your financial literacy what actions you take, when you take them and how you take them depends entirely on you"


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