Find a facilitator


Many of us need the assistance of a facilitator either because we are not comfortable with technology or we are busy and could use assistance.


The suggested annual fee for WealthSimple Facilitators is Rs200 and for full Bharosa is Rs 1000. Facilitators are free to set their own fee.


You can use the table to find a facilitator. Warning. Please read before using a facilitator


Name Email # Thumbs Up City/Village PIN Code Open Remark Action
Kuldeep Bagwari Dehradun 248001   YES    Make more, pay less    
PARVATI RAUT MUMBAI PUNE 400081   YES    REQUEST FOR PARTNER REGISTRATION - I am a financial advisor. Provide investment & loan services for all financial products. Want to join as channel partner/authorised person/remiser/sub-broker for all of your financial products. Please guide in further processing thank you.    
Amit kumar bhardwaj faridabad 121001   YES    only for icici pru amc delhi employees. friends and family. free facilaitation for them.    
Praveen Singh Gurgaon 122001   YES       
Gangesh Chawla Delhi 110015   YES    Particularly targeting the segment of the country which till date is devoid of good financial advisory. Facilitation options: 1.) Call 2.) Whatsapp 3.) E-Mail No charges. Let's INVEST    
Paresh Nagore Jalgaon 425308   YES    MF portfolio of over 8 lakhs all with Direct mutual funds. Choose for honest advice about fund schemes selection.    
Rajeev Bagdi Secunderabad 500003   YES    Would like to become an IFA. Would like to understand how i will be able to earn from the same.    
Aayush Arun Srivastava THANE-WEST,THANE 400607   YES    I want to become Master Fcilitator