Simple yet powerful

Insights that help you understand, optimize and plan your mutual funds

Portfolio Review

Our review is entirely data driven and helps you ask the right questions by delivering a true picture of your performance. Our algorithms crunch through gigabytes of data over hours to construct your report delivering insights that are impossible to replicate without our technology. The report is divided into three sections:

The Basics

High level overview of your portfolio that focusses on two foundational categories of funds - Index vs. Active.

The Nitty Gritty

Here we peel the onion to deliver insights at a granular level including fund, asset and advisor performance.

The Big Picture

30,000 ft. view into how your portfolio comes together vs. the market, revealing where you are betting.

The Basics

We review your portfolio at a high level in two categories: index and active. Index funds are lower cost and designed to meet a benchmark (e.g., Nifty 50) v.s. active funds: more expensive but designed to beat a benchmark.

Index vs. Active split

How much of your money is allocated to index funds vs. active funds and how much in fees are you paying on average in each category.

Index vs. Active performance

Have your active funds actually beaten the benchmark? Or are you paying more for less? With our powerful technology we can answer these questions accurately.

Optimization Summary

We give you a snapshot view of your mutual funds' health by category by showing you how many failed any of our automated tests.

The Nitty Gritty

Once you get the hang of the basics, it's time to dive into finer details to get a complete 360ยบ picture of what your investments are up to.

Fund Health

Learn about the health of each of your mutual funds. Review any potential issues our tests uncovered. Decide if you'd like to continue holding them in the future.

Asset Performance

How have various asset classes done for you. Is it time to refine your asset mix or your fund selection within an asset class? Learn where you need to focus.

Advisor Performance

Do you know how much you're actally paying to your advisors? Have they come through for you? What has their performances been vs. their benchmarks.

ELSS Optimizations

Most people don't realise that they keep their money in ELSS funds for much longer than they should. Figure out if you're getting a tax benefit and what fees you are paying for that advantage.

The Big Picture

Through all the charts and numbers, it's important to understand the 30,000ft view of your investments. What bets are you actually making? What sectors are you over or underbetting on. Is your asset allocation correct? It's time to understand the big picture.

Understand Mixes

Understand what your asset mix is and how it compares to the market. Know what sectors you are heavy and light on.

Equity Playground

Explore what your returns and volatility would have looked like if you had more or less equity especially during the pandemic.

Debt Profile

What does your debt portfolio look like versus the market? Are you holding longer or shorter term debt? How much credit risk are you taking versus the market? Answer all these questions and more.