The Bharosa Edge

Why we think we're the best portfolio review tool.


Our mission revolves around providing accurate data to help our customers make better financial decisions.

No hidden revenue streams

Our only source of revenue is our customer fees. We take no money from vendors, advertisers, agents and make no money from any transactions you make.

Data driven

Our focus is not to steer you to any conclusion but instead to lay out the data so its easy for you to make the right calls.

Zero Bias

This all results in data and tools you can trust, and a Company that's squarely on your side.

Fair conduct

We don't believe in locking down our customers or entangling them in complicated legalise. If you are unhappy with anything, just get in touch with us and we'll make it right.


Our unique technology allows us to do things others can't.

Ability to benchmark your performance

Our technology enables us to construct a personalized benchmark for your portfolio, that reflects every decision you or your advisor made. So you can finally answer the question of how you have been doing.

Simulate your portfolio

What better way to understand what your equity mix should be than by simulating how your portfolio would have behaved at different levels? You can use our equity mix playground to do exactly that!

Understand what you are betting on

We lay out how your portfolio aggregates together and how that compares to the market. Understand what you are betting on and how different that bet is!

Constant innovation

While we believe we've built impressive technology so far, we won't stop. We continue to experiment and iterate on developing world class algorithms that unearth truths like no one else can.


What good is data if you can't understand it.

Finance is complex enough

We understand that. Our goal is to simplify it by removing the junk and focusing on what really matters.

Customer insight is the goal

If our customers aren't understanding our product, we haven't done our job. Confused by something? Click the info icon on each chart for an explanation. Still confused? Join our Zoom Q&A sessions.

Pushing the boundaries

While design is a hard arena to innovate in, we work very hard to invent new ways to help you understand data simply. We believe this to be a key differentiator that will finally make finance simpler for most people.

Tell us how to improve!

We live for customer delight. Have a suggestion? Want us to build a feature you would find valuable. Let us know!