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While existing mutual funds investors get the most value through our technology, there is a lot for people who have never invested before too. The Bharosa membership is always Paisa Vasool. Join the Club Today.

For Mutual Fund investors

Our technology is the best in the world and helps you both improve performance and reduce taxes so that you make more.

Exit Losers & Invest in Winners

Get rid of funds that are pulling you down and switch to ones that deliver Paisa Vasool


Monitor your mutual funds with ease and get real time alerts to bad funds and tax events

Community (Coming soon!)

Learn from other members and understand how your portfolio compares to the rest of the club.

Webinars for Everyone

Our weekly webinars help members learn how to improve their portfolio while simplifying it as well as answering any questions they might have.

Get the most out of the tools

Learn to use Bharosa's world class tools so you can simplify, improve and monitor your finances.

Actually understand Personal Finance

Understand personal finance from first principles using our innovative mental models and ideas.

Get your questions answered

Our experts answer all your finance questions and queries and help you learn how to solve your problems.

And so much more...

We will keep adding more value with time and this is what you get today.

Paisa Vasool Bundles
Paying less Paisa and getting more Vasool is Nirvana for a member seeking Paisa Vasool. These bundles may help you achieve Nirvana.
WealthSimple™ Bundles
Low cost index equity funds to get started with as little as ₹10/month
Add Money Playground
We are sure you will find this playground a WOW experience . Check it out by joining the club today.
Explore Funds
Want to pick mutual funds that beat the index. This is tough but our Explore Funds can help.
Make your Kids Understand Personal Finance
Even a baby can have a mutual fund account. Tiny SIP can create oceans of Wealth.
Avoid Traps Podcasts/Videos
Most of us have been victims of bad selling. How can we avoid becoming a victim.