Every Member can be an Assistant

You can help others get set up and use Bharosa to create wealth. Bharosa is working on functionality that will enable a member who is an assistant to be able to view and transact for all other members who have authorized the assistant. Assistants may choose to assist for free or for a fee. Bharosa will play no role in setting a fee or collecting the fee for assistants who are not part of the Assistant network.

Individual IFA and RIA can be Assistants

  • Step 1: Become a Bharosa member
  • Step 2: Enable assistant functionality
  • Step 3: Make your customers Bharosa members
  • Step 4: Use the Power of Bharosa to get new customers
  • Step 5: Cross sell full service doorstep wealth management

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Assistant Network

There is a wide network of assistants that assist people in all kinds of services such as telecom, recharge, tickets, ecommerce and government services. Bharosa wants a Pan India assistant network that will enable every Indian to get assisted service. Assistants may be paid by customers who require assistance or by the industry.

Explore becoming an assistant?

Contact advisory@bharosaclub.com